Tuesday, 8 January 2013


It was 6:30 in the morning in Dubai; I had been working for an hour busy preparing notes for my next encounter. I was gazed by the morning hues and am all set to go, now.
I shaved, took a shower and had a bite on my day’s start-up meal. Miles to go before
I sleep. Now my car is speeding up towards Dubai’s finest building, the world’s tallest Burj Khalifa. With my car parked, I head for the Atmosphere on the 123rd floor. What a feeling to be up there in the sky and it reminds me of one thing – the sky is no limit. My tools for the meeting with Mr. Sathar Al Karan have been set . At 11 am, Mr. Al Karan was seated opposite me with a very confident and assuring smile.

As we progress our conversation, I  shifted my mode and infiltrated further
to explore this special man’s journey which started 20 years ago. A B-Tech student who moved to Dubai for the passion of photography and later did various glamour events like, South Indian mega star Mammootty’s Hit Parade, Mohan Lal’s Lalsalam to mark the triumph of his 30 years excellence, world famous Indian dancer Shobana’s “Maya Ravan”, International Malayalam Film Awards, and was also associated with many projects like Dubai Spring Carnival 2010, Kiddies Fashionista, Jashan Saif and Kareena show, etc.

Mr. Al Karan being a multitalented individual whose management style has a touch of humanity. You have always been a visionary and have excelled in online innovation.
Would please share your experience?

The proof is in the pudding and the proof here is that I have launched more than hundred web sites and own more than 1600 domain names. That shows the enthusiasm and commitment in what I do! Wish my websites to be an initial intermediary or an initial liaison between any kind of business activity and interests between UAE and India.

Being a sheer event management marketing spike, what are your plans for art based events in the near future?

We are all set to provide you with some scintillating shows in the near future. Entertainment programs, classical dance performances, plays by national and international groups, eastern and western music concerts, theme shows, beauty pageants, fusion evenings and a lot of other things are on the cards. And we know how to plan them because of networking with groups across the country and abroad. We also plan to bring in a series of multi-city musical road shows with some of the biggest maestros in the art scene.

Is it true that you that you have currently registered 1600 domains and 800 YouTube Channels under your name or activities? What is that one thing that drives you to become so much passionate about online portal activities?

Yes it is true that I am very passionate about internet and activities related to it.
For me this is just like a hobby. And I would love to thank prominent personalities in my own way as an appreciation for their efforts - like giving them a special domain
or a website.

There are many events which you have initiated and nurtured but somebody else has taken the glory? Do you think that some sort of lobbying or plagiarism happened? Examples like Mammotty’s Hit Parade and Hit Jet etc.

Plagiarism and lobbying has always been there, ever since the world began. First of all it never bothers me, my ideas are unique and I am the only source of these ideas and I strongly believe that ideas cannot belong  they are just sparks that  initiating .i don’t want to take ownership just because it is my brain child. People can copy me and they can become undeserved beneficiaries of my ideas. I always remember the words of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai and Vice President of United Arab Emirates that we should always be practical, realistic and optimistic.  So you know although I don’t mention names of people who have claimed, on different media interviews, about their fake patronage, but Mr. Ajith Menon of Arabian Radio Network has been very supportive and we have together initiated many projects.

So, what are your current projects?

There are many projects coming up and a few projects are in pipeline. International Malayalam Film Awards which will be held in Burj Khalifa Armani Pavilion on the 2nd of December, is a supportive event to join and to partake in the celebration to mark the 42nd UAE National Day. The second one is Dubai Midnight Marathon to proclaim and tell the world that Dubai is the only safest city in the world you can walk in any Dubai street without having a sense of fear. Dubai Midnight Marathon is under the patronage of Sheikh Hamdan Bin Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum and supported by Dubai Tourism Department, Dubai Sports Council. Dubai Midnight Marathon will kick-off at 12-12-12 at 12:12 am. The day is very special for me. Another project currently in progress for Dubai Tourism is “Muwaya”. It is a campaign to educate and enrich the young generation about the traditional Emirati nose to nose greeting.

That sounds like there is more in the pipeline? So, what are the future plans?

I am planning to do two events which will be biggest of their kind. Me and my team are aiming for Guiness World Records. And I have plans to promote new talent, who are financially backward. It is part of our CSR program. I love to dream big -
if there is a big event like Olympics and it comes to UAE, I would love to be a part of it.

Why do you choose Dubai as your base?  You are a South Indian but why Dubai?

Dubai is unique in its own way. It is deep-rooted to its tradition and culture; we have more than 140 nationalities residing in this city. It has room for everyone. Choosing Dubai
as my base is because of the freedom, changing patterns, hues the country offers me. I am inspired by the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum,
and his leadership qualities. Recently Dubai was enlisted as City of Events; it is such happenings that give me reasons for choosing Dubai as my home. So this city has made me who I am now, this is my way of saying thanks to this glorious land and its people.

I said thanks to Mr. Al Karan for spending time with me and sharing his thoughts, ideas and work plan. Now its 1:30 pm we are splitting.
Back to the busyness of life.

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